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The Association has identified the following key issues of concern around the current governance structure and practices of Brindabella Christian Education Limited (BCEL) which we believe highlight the need for reform and change at a constitutional level.

BCC Carpark Closure

 Why has this happened and what does this mean for you and your family in 2024?

On 7 December, 2023,  ACAT determined the BCEL Board was "reckless" and "deliberate" in breaching ACT Planning Laws.  

The verge and driveway pedestrian crossing were also ruled "unsafe" and "an accident waiting to happen".

Consequently, ACAT issued Orders requiring its immediate closure until BCC obtains the relevant planning approvals.

Contrary to public claims made by the BCC Board Chair at the 2016 Presentation Night, BCC did not buy the carpark land, nor did it obtain planning permission to permanently seal it. 


The matter is currently before the ACT Supreme Court, and carpark temporarily re-opened, with a public Injunction Hearing, initiated by the school, scheduled for

10am Tues 6 February 2024

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AAT Court Orders

A review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of the Federal Education Ministers decision on 17 May 2021, that BCEL was  not a fit and proper person to be the Approved Authority of Brindabella Christian College, recently concluded with new conditions agreed by BCEL and the Minister, documented in Court Orders dated 12 April 2023.  These conditions, with strict deadlines, give the Board an opportunity to save itself and the school.


As a registered charity with the ACNC and an Approved Authority with the Department of Education,

BCC Directors have legislated obligations to provide transparency around the use of commonwealth funds and parent fees. 

For the past three calendar years, the Board of Directors have failed to lodged BCC's financials as required.

Board Accountability

 A charity must take reasonable steps to be accountable to its members and provide them with

adequate opportunity to raise concerns about how the charity is governed.   

Changes made to BCC's governing documents by the Directors has confined its membership to the

Directors alone, giving them sole governance and removing key accountability mechanisms.

Unjust Treatment of Community Members

The BCC Board of Directors, as the Charity Trustees, are responsible for acting in the best interests of the school. 

Reported instances of unjust treatments of students,

parents and staff is a failing to act in the interests of the school.

Board Declared Unfit

Responsible Persons of a registered charity and the Approved Authority must be fit and proper persons. 

A decision by the Federal Minister found the BCEL Board not to be fit and proper and imposed conditions

to improve its governance.  BCC Directors lodged an appeal which is still ongoing.

Final Hearings in the AAT Canberra Registry start Monday 27th March 2023

Enrolment Agreements

Following a landmark court case in 2022 involving BCC, parents in non-government schools across Australia are now considered legitimate service recipients of care and education services under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). 

School's are required to ensure their enrolment documents and terms protect the interests of both parties fairly and equitably.

Multiple adverse findings by regulators and ACAT concerning BCC's enrolment documents exist however and draft contracts circulated to parents in late 2023 have retained unfair and previously voided terms by ACAT placing families at risk.

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