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Adero Law (Adero) is a commercial litigation and risk advisory firm based in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Adero is a nationally recognised litigation firm specialising in class action and public interest litigation. Adero prides itself in representing community members across states and territories in Australia.

Adero’s partnership with the Community for Constitutional Reform at Brindabella Christian College (CCR@BCC) reflects its commitment to community-based activism and outcomes to achieve solutions that benefit the wider community. 

Adero is committed to providing pro bono legal services to ensure that fair and just outcomes can be achieved for grassroots community movements such as CCR@BCC.   As such, Adero will provide free initial consultations and No Win No Fee services to any aggrieved individual members of the CCR@BCC Association who sought advice on harm done to them by the current leadership of BCC. 

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